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Mama Lulu

Nursery Rhymes 2 Pc Set

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2 piece Pjs are made in MamaLulu signature designs. They are adorable and comfortable. They have both designs on the shirt and pants. Makes them perfect to match the blankets and loveys. They have a Seasonless fabric to them, makes them perfect to keep warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. They are made with a thicker bamboo. 


  • Our 2 piece Pjs Include a long sleeve top and matching pants
  • 95% Viscose from Bamboo, 5% Spandex
  • No inside tags, buttons or snaps
  • Features our signature print, matches our zips to have siblings match
  • Our Bamboo is free and clear from any harsh chemicals


  •  SIZE                   WEIGHT                  HEIGHT
            NEWBORN          UP TO 10 LBS           UP TO 20"
                  0-3                    11-15 LBS                   20-23"
                  3-6                    15-18 LBS                   23-26"
                  6-12                  18-22 LBS                   26-29"
                12-18                  22-25 LBS                   29-31"
                18-24                  25-28 LBS                   31-33"
                  2-3T                 28-33 LBS                    33-36"
                  4-5T                 33-42 LBS                    36-42"
                  6-7Y                 42-49 LBS                    42-51"
                Please keep in mind this is a general guide.
             All babies and kids are made differently


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